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  •  seriously, I hope you do consider a duly (7+ / 0-)

    executed will with your notarized signature.  While you don't have much to leave now, you can never tell what the future will bring.  From personal experience, I can point to problems with my mother's will who mistook a life time right for ownership and so bequeathed property which was not really hers.  It resulted in a probate and civil tangle that is still being worked out.

    Also, you cannot tell when you may come into a windfall and actually have something to leave and yet, due to misfortune, such as a stroke or FAD or an accident, be unable to alter your will.  This is why everyone, regardless of age needs an updated POA, will and living will executed and reviewed every few years to take care of any changes.

    Believe me such a simple thing may be the best thing you could leave your heirs and may also prevent the family from fragmenting over arguments over various property.  (I have seen families not speak to each other for decades over who got a mirror or piece of jewelry)      

    •  Many states have simple fill in the blanks (4+ / 0-)

      statutory will and testament forms that may require only the signatures of two witnesses who are not heirs.  Check with your public library or you state rep's office.  You can always include non-property wishes and little drawings in the margins.  This will make the document more cheery because it will look like a restaurant menu rather than a grim set of directions like those that come with IKEA.

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      by judyms9 on Sat Apr 13, 2013 at 05:12:27 AM PDT

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