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View Diary: The Antarctic Half of the Global Thermohaline Circulation Is Faltering (134 comments)

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  •  we dont know and thats the danger (16+ / 0-)

    Hi John ... I cant recall that this development was expected. Its a tribute to the efforts of modern oceanographers that it is being picked up, but ... as Deward Hastings says below ... this is going to change the whole world-wide ocean; and its highly doubtful that people already understand just how. So we´re already out flying blind. Thats actually even more scary. One need only to think of ENSO and its overriding influence on worldwide climate; and how would this not interfere with ENSO? But what will it do? Can anyone say? So there we are, the ball is in motion and we do not know what obstacle we´ll crash into and when.

    I had that once when I was out mountaineering, and got enveloped in fog while descending from some peak into a pass. There was only a minimal path between impassable precipices which one had to hit yet I could barely see my feet. Before I knew I was precariously out on some ledge perched in the nothingness all about me. There was nothing but stop, retrace steps to the last safe place and hunker down. So I did, the fog passed and I moved on. Yet metaphorically, here we are crashing headlong into the fog, driving this planet on towards the precipices of ecosphere disruption. The only sure thing is that we will fall unless we stop immediately.  

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