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View Diary: 'We won't have the White House forever, folks!' (326 comments)

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  •  Oh my god, used the word "obamabot" for himself (13+ / 0-)

    I got hide rated for using this term

    now a proud member of the obamabot team uses the word for himself!

    will he/she get a HR for even using the term??

    but this is differenc

    it is an obamabot who admits to past actions and is "bewildered" by what he/she sees is going on now

    what is truly important is that the base is waking up

    your wake up call is indicative of a wide group of people who are getting really angry

    in other comments I have stated that Obama's whole presidency is in the balance and he is playing with fire big time because if he looses his base, the right wing and its 1% will take him down and he will be made ineffectual

    he risks loosing the retired people who vote

    he risks loosing the blacks who might figure out that both parties are making the poor pay for the 1%

    and on and on

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