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  •  "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight" (none)
    which is what Steve Gilliard wrote referring to the student(!) who smoked Ann Coulter while everyone else was trying to engage her intellectually.

    Highly recommended.

    •  Ooh, got a link? (none)
      I'd love to read about that.  I've been saying for a while that Coulter is nothing more than a performance artist, and that facts and reason are entirely beside the point when figuring out how to respond to her act.

      Fight this generation, fight this generation...

      by daria g on Mon May 09, 2005 at 07:07:44 PM PDT

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    •  Uh, Raj looked like an idiot (none)
      What was his point?
      What did he accomplish?

      Celebrating purposeless disruption doesn't win arguments for us.  I would have much rather (if he was determined to be crude) Raj compare Ann Coulter's noted hedonistic lifestyle against those she condemns and contrast it with the 'salt of the earth' types she celebrates.  

      If he was determined to be crude.

      •  Look who he was talking to (none)
        a nasty, vile individual who only understands vile and nasty.  His question was tailored to the recipient.  If Coulter wants to talk shit about hitting people with baseball bats and the unnaturalness of homosexual sex, Raj was correct in asking her about heterosexual ass-fucking.  

        Coulter is a whore; she's a mouthpiece for a larger propaganda racket; her literary "works" are designed to attract precisely the type of audience who would use language like Raj's.  I say the question, and the manner in which it was asked, was spot on.

        •  But why not score real points? (none)
          •  I guess where we disagree is in the (none)
            fact that I don't think that reasonable discourse with Coulter has the potential of scoring real points.  She's a vulgar person; she writes books for an audience that applauds and appreciates her vulgarity.  I personally think that refuting her absurd arguments in a similarly vulgar fashion is more effective (when dealing with Coulter and her audience) than trying to reason with fools.  

            Saying, "Your stance on homosexual sex is hypocritical in view of your silence on heterosexual anal and oral sex" scores less points with these folks than, "what about hetero ass-fucking?"  

          •  "But why not score real points?" (none)
            I'd say he did.

            He asked a legitimate question, albeit in a gross way.  But it scores a real point, unanswered by Coulter:  Does the "sanctity of marriage" extend to abuse and forced, non-consentual sex?  (Is Coulter into that stuff?)

            From the descriptions I've read, Ajai Raj sucked the air out of the place with that question.  The rest?  Well, yeah, that was pretty infantile, even for a deserved expression of contempt.  But he didn't deserve being arrested.  See Colin Kalmbacher's article on Counterpunch at

      •  Come on (none)
        so maybe his crudeness could have been more nuanced for your preferences, but the point is he made her look ridiculous.
      •  You can't make any points with Coulter (none)
        She's not serious. She's a joke, a very bad joke. The only thing you can do is provoke situations that call attention to what an utter cheesehead she is.

        I would have asked her about the rumors that she is transsexual and demanded that she prove that she is a woman. If you are going to be unfair, I say be vicious.

        I noted with considerable amusement that despite the Time honey-and-almond-oil editorial massage, she was enraged by the photograph that made her look like a skinny little witch.

        Ridicule is the best antidote for toxic slime pretending to be human. News and issues for journalists.

        by Jules Siegel on Tue May 10, 2005 at 04:26:08 PM PDT

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        •  Every time (none)
          you write about, post about, or talk about the hatchet-faced wowan, she wins, because you're giving her free publicity.  If you can see that, then you can see the obvous way to make her lose.

          And yet, it goes on and on.  She is the Michael Moore (targetus giganticus) for Our Side.  Sheesh, I am so tired of hearing about/reading about her.  Please, please [insert higher power of your choice], make it stop.

          NOTICE: No warning shots fired on this unit. [San Quentin - just for the FUN of it!]

          by moltar on Wed May 11, 2005 at 12:05:49 PM PDT

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      •  Raj's Problem (none)
        Raj could have been very effective had he been prepared with the story about David Hager, the Bush Administration appointee to the Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs in the Food and Drug Administration, who repeatedly sodomized his wife over the course of their marraige. He did this without her consent and even when she was on a sleep medication for a sleeping disorder. See this link:

        Get their attention and hit them with their hypocracy. We cannot act like Coulter and Limbaugh by being disrespectful ALL the time. Get their attention and make concise points.

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