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  •  this stuff has always been pretty obvious... (none)
    the question is why have dems have their head up their asses for so long?  maybe coz many have never experienced a street fight and don't realize that at some point in life, you gotta throw the "better man" bullshit out the door and fight for you life.
    •  Forgive my rant, but (none)
      I generally regard the "better man" as not someone who fights according to some stupid rules, but someone who uses fights as a last resort -- and I mean last.

      (Look, before I go into my own definition, lemme just say I'm a wimp by any standard, and would probably pee my pants in a real fight.  But I know what my convictions are.  With that in mind:)

      IF I have any control of my body whatsoever, in a fight, I don't fight for pride.  I wouldn't fight for machismo, image, reputation, or any other ego trip.  Which is probably why I haven't been in a fight in over fifteen years.  But when I DO fight, because my enemy leaves me no choice, I won't stop until one of us is dead.  I don't play games.  I will hammer crotches, gouge eyes, tear at flesh with my teeth, rip off my enemy's ears with my fingernails if that's what I have to goddamned do to win.  I WILL kick someone when s/he's down.  Hell, I'll kick 'em even if they're coughing up blood.  If I don't show 'em, they'll just take their next fight to someone else.  None of this clean boxing shit.  Maybe after the first idiot to pick a meaningless fight sees one of us in the hospital (or morgue), the next jerkoff will think twice about taking his/her petty issues to me.

      That's what I'd like to see in a Democrat.  Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate, negotiate, negotiate, and when the GOP FINALLY leaves you no recourse because they just won't stop twisting arms for their stupid fucking ideas, you fight like demon until your enemy bleeds to death.  No mercy, no deals -- not on a fight they asked for.  Make 'em think twice about DARING to waste your time again with a stupid hypocrisy game.

      I see some of that in Reid, and I like it.  The "better man" ain't someone who keeps his $10,000 cufflinks clean.  The better man is someone who yields on everything but the cause -- and then shows the posers what a fight to the gritty end is really like.

      Okay, sorry, but that was brewing for a while.


      My taxes support the troops, not a yellow sticker.

      by Dragonchild on Wed Jun 08, 2005 at 05:26:43 AM PDT

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