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  •  Well done but,.......tone it down (none)
    Good points on how to communicate but we do not need to hear this............

    "Dems do badly on these shows for the same reason we have done badly in recent elections.  We persist in thinking the public discourse/campaign trail/pundit shows have something to do with reasoned argument.  We naively believe in spite of all the contrary evidence that Joe Redvoter makes up his mind based on a critical analysis of facts.  That has not been true for a very long time, if it was ever true".

    Dems have done badly partly because Red and Purple voters believe that Dems think they are stupid.  This language confirms that for any that read it or similar sentiments anywhere else.

    I believe that people are very smart and possess much keener insight than given credit for by either party.  While these voters are ignorant on the finer points of most issues, so are most Senators.  There is simply to much to know.  However, we are marketed to from birth to grave and have developed an ENORMOUSLY strong and sensitive BS detector.  Communicate yes, condescend, no.  Never lie or even twist facts and figures in a misleading way to make your point.

    Equal Treatment

    •  I wish I had your optimism (none)
      . . . but every time I make a prediction, I bet against the American people being smart.  And my track record with this method has been so damn accurate I detest being correct nowadays.

      My taxes support the troops, not a yellow sticker.

      by Dragonchild on Wed Jun 08, 2005 at 05:37:37 AM PDT

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