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  •  the revolution will not be televised (none)
    This is very good advice, but most of us will never appear on Bill O'Reilly, Hard Talk, etc., and very few of us will ever even get on the air with Rush.  

    Does that mean we can't be part of this struggle against media manipulation?  Not at all!  We are the most important part of the struggle.

    While a few of us will fight for truth on air, the struggle against corporate right-wing media will be fought and won off the air.  What each of us can do is wag an all-out campaign to discredit them by constantly calling them on their BS.  Start by signing up with media watch groups like:


    Media Matters


    All three have email alerts, and I think every Kossack should all sign up for all three.  Becoming more and more informed is the first step.  The next is to write letters of complaint for each and every mis-step they make.  

    But don't stop at that!  The most important tactic, in my opinion, is to use the resources provided by these groups to spread information to all our friends, relatives, co-workers, etc., so that gradually the word spreads that these "journalists" are not journalists at all and that they encode a very specific propaganda message in their "reporting" and their "fair and balanced" punditry.

    This understanding needs to spread beyond Kossack circles, and become a matter of commonsense.  This is something "news" agencies fear, by the way, because their reputation is literally one of their most valuable assets.  If that is threatened they get worried.  

    The above listed media watchgroups provide the information to do exactly this by painstakingly documenting and analyzing examples of journalistic misfeasance (and malfeasance).  

    Get the facts.  Use them.

    Finally, it is especially useful to subscribe to some sort of service which is devoted to publicizing under-reported stories (from foreign press, etc.), and to spread these around as well so that more and more people can be made aware of the fact that there is a lot more news out there that is simply being ignored.  

    One such service, which I subscribe to, and which sends daily email digests is:

    Information Clearing House

    "Every man is guilty of all the good he didn't do." -Voltaire

    by Nate Roberts on Tue May 10, 2005 at 02:35:07 PM PDT

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