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  •  They have a different concept of truth (none)
    I saw this repeatedly during the last election. E.g. one not-too-swift boat veteran guy was pulling something right out of his ass, and a veteran from Kerry's side corrected him, and the liar neither blushed nor blinked, but mumbled something and went right on. It was like "if it feels good, say it."

    I ran into the same thing at a barbershop, when I told some blowhard that, no, the photo of Kerry with Fonda was faked, and he replied, "Oh yeah, I know , but..." and went right on.

    It's like truth means something different to them.

    I think they are like borderline personality people. The FEEL first, and then build their reality around that.

    How do you deal with that?

    (And, BTW, the Bushies seem experts at manipulating this primative aspect of human nature, but why did they not foresee that the Iraqis are no less perverse?  A lot of Iraqi response to the U.S. has been "You are Jews" or "At least Saddam was not a Jew." (Compare that to Red America responding to us with "You are liberals" and "at least Bush is a Christian.")

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