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  •  I agree, reluctantly. (none)
    What we're talking about is basic marketing tactics that have been used against the American television viewing, radio listening and magazine reading public for years.
    The effectiveness is a matter of record and all of us as consumers have suffered by way of lower quality products, fixed pricing, limited choices, etc.

    The Republican's embrace of these methods goes hand and glove with their cozy relationship with big business. You only need to recall the number of times you have seen Bush on TV in front of a backdrop emblazoned with the message or talking point that is the subject of his speech to see the parallel with the corporate logo displayed at company sponsored events.

    I'm concerned about employing the same tactic because it lends itself so easily to abuse. But, there is no denying its effectiveness. I just hope that people who read this and other progressive blogs are as watchful of misuse by over zealous Dems as we are of Neocons.

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