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  •  Sanford is a good case in point. (1+ / 0-)
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    Catte Nappe

    When Sanford announced, and was going up against a fairly crowded field in the GOP primary, here was my (rhetorical) question to him.

    "Mark, old buddy, I see where you're running because it's time to change Washington and restore conservative values and balance the budget and whatnot. Fair enough. Are you literally the only Republican in the whole goddamn Palmetto State who is capable of this, or are voters allowed to exercise some judgment in whether they'd rather have someone who didn't do what you did in Congress?"

    I still can't believe Sanford won--NOT because I think he did something unpardonable, but because at least one of his opponents should have been able to make the incredible hubris at the very core of his campaign stick to him. "Mark Sanford thinks he's entitled to his seat in Congress back. Mark Sanford thinks he's the only conservative Republican in our state. Mark Sanford thinks he shouldn't have to answer to the voters. That's what Mark Sanford thinks... of you. Paid for by the Committee to Elect Some Guy." Put some ominous Argentinian folk music in the background, and there's your game-changer. Oh well.

    Anyway, Weiner doesn't pass the Sanford test either. Was he an above-average Democrat in most respects? Yes! So what?! So are lots of his prospective opponents. Go make a difference quietly for a decade or two, and then we can talk about a return to elected office.

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