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  •  I understand he's moved forward (0+ / 0-)

    Dealt with issues etc...
    If he can move forward-why can't We practice what We preach?

    I believe what Weiner did was absolutely Stupid-but harmed no one--surprised everyone? Yes. Harm. No.

    This was a matter that failed all tests for public scrutiny and certainly "party rage". He shouldn't have been forced out of office by BS Puritanical Dems-Time out for treatment, Yes--but lose his job? No.
    It is my opinion that the Dem Leadership who forced him out----are hypocrites.

    At the emd of the day, this matter was between him and his family.

    He's a good voice for the people. If I were in NY I'd vote for him.
    I believe he has earned another chance.

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