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View Diary: GOP campaign chairman calls chained CPI 'trying to balance the budget on the backs of seniors' (256 comments)

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  •  They'll beat him up and then double down (7+ / 0-)

    This is really quite simple and they've done it before.  Beyond that, individual congressmen can, and will, take individual positions that match the politics of their district. Obama has a national role...

    Of course, conservatives aren't duty bound to refrain from hypocrisy:

    1. Tell seniors that mean old Obama is taking away your benefits and giving them away to his "urban" constituency.
    2. Continue the drumbeat of a broken system with runaway entitlements in preparation for the next opportunity to "fix" it.

    Now that the dam has been broken by Obama as an opening gambit, the conservatives can go to town and blame any result on Obama and the Ds.  It doesn't matter where the exact truth is.

    The fact remains, Obama is proposing cuts to Social Security. He's not only catapulting right wing propaganda, he's actually making real policy proposals implementing it.  

    It's funny to think back to the "Hope and Change" campaign...
     We been had.

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