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View Diary: GOP campaign chairman calls chained CPI 'trying to balance the budget on the backs of seniors' (256 comments)

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    What I drew from the Bush years is that Republicans are not to be trusted under any circumstances.  Was that due to the Bush administration or in addition congress acting in lockstep?  In other words was 2006 a repudiation of Republican objectives or was it simply a way to put the brakes on he Bush administration. or are the 2 even separable?

    Was 2010 about poorly motivated Democrats or ultra-motivated Republicans?  Or both and why?

    To what extent can we infer broad statements covering nebulous circumstances, or what is more about the particulars.

    As for me, I'm willing to forgive and continue to be motivated with the following scenario which of course I kind of hinted at previously.

    After broad condemnation by both Democrats and some Republicans, the administration retracts its chained CPI idea.  But in addition is must be able to control the narrative in the following way:

    "In good faith, we tried to meet what we thought was the Republican position halfway, but have since found out that it is desired by neither the majority of Democrats nor Republicans but only a vocal minority.  This is too important not to take seriously and Republicans need to come to a decision what they want and say it, or come to a realization they don't know what they want an say that.  The American people deserve no less."

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