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View Diary: President Obama Dining With Senate Republicans Tonight (148 comments)

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  •  Who could have guessed (8+ / 0-)

    that the tax 'reform' we were getting in exchange for the chained catffood SS 'reform' would be shifted to the middle class and the poor. A flat tax that will flatten the middle class and insure the shared sacrifice of austerity while insuring the growth of Gov. Sachs.

    Obama Moves Forward with Cutting Social Security and Medicare as We Lecture Europe Otherwise

    It can’t be more clear how Obama is going about things. He’s going to try to get the Republicans to agree to some sort of face saving tax increases, which in the end are certain to be tax cuts (as in increases in one place will be more than offset by new loopholes, offsets, or more liberal interpretations of key terms). Once he gets that, he’ll go to the Dems and say, “We must have a deal! The bond gods demand it! And here I got one! This is the best those meanie Republicans would give me. Yes, I had to super duper reluctantly offer Social Security cuts. Really. Trust me".....
    This is what the defenders refuse to acknowledge: the Obama critics, again and again, have been proven right, yet we have seen remarkably few mea cuplas, let alone apologies (and that includes you, Charles Pierce and Scott Lemieux). Obama is proving to be a litmus test of where commentators’ loyalties really stand: is it to “liberal” beliefs, which get redefined evermore to the right, or is it to the Democratic party neoliberal technocrats, which Obama embodies? The budget battle is pure and simple about squeezing the middle class dry, and those who pretend otherwise are simply insulting the intelligence of their audience.

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