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  •  The sequester (5+ / 0-)

    is pushing him. His own damn golem

    •  If the sequester is such a bother (3+ / 0-)
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      YucatanMan, Iberian, lotlizard

      My God, get up to that podium and talk to the people like Clinton did.  I think the sequester is horrible too, but it has scared the shit out of the DOD civilians who are a powerful sector of the Republican base vote.  Have a real plan that is finally for the people and take it to them while they are this scared, spell it out, sell it.  But he won't do that.  I'm starting to feel like he considers that slumming.  He's only interested in plutocrats, and it's fine putting the boots to the little people.  I haven't felt his unwashed in years.

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