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  •  And those seniors vote mostly GOP too (0+ / 0-)

    Who do you think wins Republicans elections in the Upper Midwest?

    •  Who do you think wins Democratic elections? (6+ / 0-)

      in the upper Midwest?  We're old and white too.  

      •  Re: Exit poll cross tabs (0+ / 0-)

        Alright. Let's walk it through

        Michigan: Obama over Romney by 9 overall (lost seniors by 4)
        Wisconsin: Obama over Romney by 7 (lost seniors by 4)
        Minnesota: Obama by 8 (lost seniors by 4)
        Iowa: Obama by 6 (hey, good news, split seniors)

        All of the above cites from CNN 2012 results.

        One of the few things Gallup got right in 2012 was its analysis of the role of age that in 2012 in only mattered for whites, while everyone else loved Obama just fine. (circa 75% across all ages).

        Now, did white seniors go as heavy for Romney in MN as in NC? Heck, no.

        Now your larger point, I gather, is how seniors will vote when betrayed.

        In most of the country, they're overwhelmingly white, and they vote GOP. Even in most blue states. Just a fact of political life, and it's incumbent on Republicans to defend programs that their last national constituency needs.

        Now, if that makes them see the light on, oh, taxes, we can still make everyone happy.

        Anyway, if it's not the game plan in play... something along those lines should be, else all of us Dem and Pub alike are in for dark sad times.

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