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  •  Oh Gawd. the erudite SWLs of the LOTE Choir just (0+ / 0-)

    proves how SMART the 0-$ell-0ut party policie$ are!

    I was 16 in '76, AND wasn't 1 of the foundations of Carter's campaign we-aren't-dirty-f'king-hippies? We got LOTE LOTE under mondale and dud-crapkis and kerry (against that unelectable howard dean) and bore-LIEberman -

    and in 2012 dkos was daily daily diary diary about how mean meanies are mean, and, LOTE LOTE LOTE !!

    After 30 years of these lying yuppie scum using MY votes, after betraying my cynical hope with Rahm & Summers in Nov. 2008, after AHIP-Care and PHARMA-Care and AIG-Care, in 2010 I voted for only a few very down ticket dems - and even fewer in 2012.

    (I did NOT vote for any fucking fascists cuz, they're fucking fascists and I don't vote for 'em. )

    EVERY election there are good people somewhere running who need help - I found more than I had time or money for in 2010, 2011 and 2012. I did NOTHING for any incumbent sell out - NO primary help, NO primary vote, NO general help, NO general vote.

    and the LOTE LOTE band wagoneers made sure they were busy busy going to bat for sell outs who've, again, sold us out.

    when millions of us just walk away from these fuckers who've abandoned us, except when they're selling us out, we'll have more than sell outs.

    IF people want to be players by being part of the LOTE LOTE choir, so that you're around when the sell outs need us peee-ons in their cowpatch grassroots efforts, so the sell outs got someone to chew up and to spit out, someone to step on and stomp on and piss and shit on - well - keep practicing writing those Sternly Worded Letters that obama OBVIOUSLY doesn't give a fuck about.

    Seriously, WHY should obama change? if doing the right thing for us bottom feeding chumps mattered ...


    Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much: such men are dangerous

    by seabos84 on Wed Apr 10, 2013 at 05:00:32 PM PDT

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