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  •  Hooray for hurting Americans! (4.00)
    We all know damn well that the federal government trumps states' rights whenever it pleases, and that conservatives merely use states' rights as a wedge to strike down specific federal laws they detest. We all know that the last thing neoconservatives crave is decentralized power in any form -- no matter how they frame their arguments for the destruction of the New Deal. Who here is living in such a fantasy world that they don't know this? Raise your hands.

    Okay. In my mind, I didn't see any hands. So can we all agree that this was not a test-case to decide whether the "commerce clause" can still be used to enforce the minimum wage? Or should we Democrats respond to the words "federalism" and "states' rights" like Pavlov's pundits, with no judgment of circumstances or real-world impact whatsoever? Shouldn't there, in fact, be some things that states can decide for themselves? And doesn't medical marijuana fall pretty squarely in that category, given the ease with which it can be restricted to intrastate commerce, its negligible impact on interstate trafficking in illegal drugs, and its huge impact on the lives of sick people?

    What I see is a Supreme Court that increasingly upholds state laws that serve arch-conservative causes, and also increasingly upholds federal laws that serve arch-conservative causes. Hooray, we've accomplished nothing.

    We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are. - Anaïs Nin

    by Valentine on Wed Jun 08, 2005 at 07:59:12 AM PDT

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