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View Diary: Dkos Tour Series: Hiking The Honaker Trail (Down To The Goosenecks) (44 comments)

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    I think I have enough diaries caught up to take a break, IntotheOutdoors. Your upcoming trek sounds peerless and delightful. I can carry the dog's rations, if you like. Well, on second though. . .my knees are shot. . .after 8,000 miles backpacking I'm thinking that's typical at my age. But I'll continue biking thousands of miles  year and that'll strengthen them. So, in the meantime, kindly take me along in spirit. Fish and Owl are two of my favorite Comb Ridge regional hikes. And, of course, my all-time favorites, Buckskin, Coyote and Paria, where I am pretty sure a good dear of my heart and spirits have been left along the way. Thanks for posting such a delightful commentary, because at least you and the pooch (and a res dog, no less...the best!) are headed out for them thar hills and just think of all the adventure you're going to have. I am envious!

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    by richholtzin on Tue Apr 23, 2013 at 10:37:16 AM PDT

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