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View Diary: The PROGRESSIVE Movement is About to Roar Back Into Action (95 comments)

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    I'm finished with "veal penned", Dem party captured grassroots left activism.  I'll join in on some of their efforts, but I have no trust in them at all.  They forgot what and who they stand for and they have been so controlled by the Dem party leadership, and they are so worried about losing "access" that they may as well just declare themselves to be an arm of a corrupt party, not an activist group dedicated to causes of the people.

    What they do is to jump out in front of the parade of real activists and try to lead us down a dead end street.  Over and over. Left gatekeepers who claim to be for change, but in reality try to make sure that no real change occurs.

    Between that and the astroturf organizations, there is a lot of deception going on.  I've read a few things about a new astroturf 99% Spring (I may have the name wrong) that is getting organized now, but is staffed by the same kinds of party operatives.  It is so pathetic.  

    Then you've got Pete Peterson funding faux grassroots organizations like Fix the Debt.  They mimic the grassroots left and things like Occupy, going as far as to use similar social media campaigns, performance art, etc. but they are a bunch of CEOs and old politicians.  The same core group of people have done a number of activist campaigns complete with copycat types of stunts.  It's pathetic.

    Then we have some of the blogs and alternative news organizations (some, not all) who are funded by left gatekeeper type foundations, and they act like they are genuine, but during election time they all fall in line, and "election time" keeps getting longer and longer.  For the 2012 election, "election time" was nearly two years, all through the endless Republican primary and through the general election. During that time, no progress was made on critical issues because the leading voices on the left were spending their time and talent on petty opposition research against Republican primary candidates when everyone knew Romney would be the nominee, and then just ridiculous obsession with every single irrelevant detail of what those candidates did. Meanwhile, we had huge issues that were ignored by them, like the endless wars, climate change, criminal bankers and a severe erosion of civil liberties.

    So I am wary about who I am willing to join up with.  There are a lot of deceiving people and astroturfers now, who are funded by the 1%.  They know the uprising is coming and instead of rethinking the way they are running things, changing the robber baron course and doing things to truly make a more level playing field, a more fair world, they try to control and co-opt the movements rising up.  

    "Justice is a commodity"

    by joanneleon on Thu Apr 11, 2013 at 05:02:04 AM PDT

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