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View Diary: Senate agrees 68-31 to debate new gun regulations. Pryor and Begich vote with Republican naysayers (81 comments)

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    Alaskans know exactly what the "gun issue" is.  They just don't happen to agree with you (or me) about it - overwhelmingly and emphatically so.  Gun control, along with oil drilling on the North Slope, is one of those issues up here where variance from the orthodoxy means certain, quick political death.  As I said in another comment, if Pryor is considered vulnerable, Begich's chances of re-election are on life-support.  He is the first Democratic federal legislator to be elected in over 30 years and he will face very strong and well-financed challenges from any one of several Republicans.  If it came down to a matter of one critical vote, then we could talk.  However, Begich is hanging on by his fingernails and to suggest that he should toss away any chance at keeping that seat Democratic in exchange for a vote that is decided with or without him is ludicrous.

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