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View Diary: Obama budget raises federal worker pension contributions but cuts pension payouts (82 comments)

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    I'm not in a field that can be easily outsourced.  My friends who went to grad school when I did are generally doing not quite as well as me in terms of take home pay, but most actually have better benefits than I do - more payed time off, the same holidays, more flexibility in their workday, and better matching in 401K's.  My pension will be 30% of my highest three earning years and I haven't really been able to put as much away into the Flex spending (the government's version of 401K) as I'd have liked, so I probably won't be retiring before 67, if I can hang in there that long.  Don't get me wrong, I know the benefits of working in a federal job and it's why I haven't left, though I do look and would leave for the right job.  While, in my field, I make somewhat more than my peers in the private sector, I can tell you for a fact that nurses and doctors make less and it's why it's very difficult to recruit the best and the brightest to federal jobs.  Everyone is feeling the pain and I think the answer isn't to say federal employees should suffer more because everyone else is, but to fix it for everyone.

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