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  •  Your observations remind me how much is (7+ / 0-)

    happening even in such a "human-created" habitat as the golf course, including what's happening at night when no one is around, ducks, coyotes, owls, killdeer. We go inside and sleep in our comfy beds, and meanwhile the animals are continuing their work of surviving, nesting, eating. Tracks are a tiny clue.

    The persistence they have in surviving is amazing isn't it, like the killdeer you are watching. That's nice to see, another nest preparation. I hope it pans out too.

    •  It is fascinating (5+ / 0-)

      but I find my own perceptions of the critters' activities are anthromorphized.  I want to attribute variations of instinctual behavior to clever animals exercising cunning and logic.

      Still, clearly some animals (crows, raccoons) figure stuff out.

      I also spend hours wondering how to make it just a little easier for these persistent critters from the golf course to the beach to the backyard, to survive, without accidently making it worse for them, especially in urban and suburban America.

      Protecting and creating wetlands. Wildlife corridors. Bird feeders. "Wild" patches of unmaintained yard. Native plantings. Butterfly gardens. Supporting acquisition and maintenance of public lands, not using pesticides and herbicides, and so on.

      I recall something Edward Abbey wrote about how everyone should choose their own special natural area and defend it.  For some of us, it may be our own yard.

      Orly, it isn't evidence just because you downloaded it from the internet.

      by 6412093 on Sun Apr 14, 2013 at 06:31:38 PM PDT

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      •  Anthropomorphize, maybe we do, (5+ / 0-)

        but erring in that direction is better than the way of thinking that animals are unfeeling, unthinking lumps, and then using that as justification for cruelty, which is way more widespread. The world could stand a lot more empathy and respect for other species.

        I like that sentiment of Edward Abbey. Don't give up because the problem is too big. Do what little you can, and help even a few. Even just paying attention, and being aware...that's a part of what Backyard Science is about I guess. I'm just a newcomer here, but I have gotten much more aware of my "backyard", have lots more creatures to care about.

        Thanks for drawing my attention to it. And to your golf course.

        •  Me too (2+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          OceanDiver, Polly Syllabic

          I've been paying lots more attention to my surroundings since I got addicted to the Daily Bucket/Backyard Science. And that's how it happens sometimes, one person at a time.

          Orly, it isn't evidence just because you downloaded it from the internet.

          by 6412093 on Sun Apr 14, 2013 at 09:29:42 PM PDT

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