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View Diary: Hell No! Joe Biden in Iowa 2015 (63 comments)

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  •  I will compromise to break through this barrier (2+ / 0-)
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    She would be an acceptable president to me.  Elizabeth Warren is also an option.    I will compromise in order to make this happen.

    I am not pleased with Obama.   He has been a weak president, in terms of pushing forward liberal agendas.   He is a supporter of the oligarchy.    He is, as we speak, attempting to cut the rug out from under me and put me out of work by even further increasing H1B visas.   That is just one of the many problems I have with him.   He actually said it to us.  He "hears" from many employers.   But, he doesn't hear us.   He doesn't want to hear us.

    But, I am still thrilled that he is president.   His presidency gives a voice to people who had no voice.  His presidency blows open the glass ceiling that had prevented a large portion of our population from ever having even a small chance to become president.  

    This is what I want to do for women.   Women continue to suffer in our society in so many ways because we do not have a voice.  And, the country suffers, too, because when the voices of so many stakeholders are drowned out, bad decisions are made.

    It's time for the voices of women to be heard in our government.  

    It is time.

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