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    But he has a ways to go yet.  Like Loebsack, he is not saying he will not vote for it.  He is leaving wiggle room, just like in the letter he signed with 106 other members of the House Progressive Caucus.  There was another letter (Grayson.Takano) that said "we will not vote for it."  Only 30 people signed it and Braley was not among them.  And when I asked him about it to his face he started talking about how terrible the sequester is. That's true, but Social Security cuts are permanent and fall on people who are too old or too disabled to work.  He makes a big deal out of his service to veterans, and chained CPI will really hurt them, so I don't know if he really understands it the way he should.

    He is no Tom Harkin, but he will be a good candidate.  When he decides to come down firmly on the side of opposing the immoral cuts in the President's budget, I will make my first contribution to his campaign.

    Meanwhile, I contributed to TomPAC, which Harkin just started up.

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