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  •  Problem With The Chart (4.00)
    Saying that "women's professions" make less than men's (assuming by "women's professions" you mean those that are made up of primarily women) doesn't really provide useful information on gender discrimination.  It only indicates that certain professions make more money than others.  Presumably, if the reason male dominated professions make more is gender based you would see differences in earnings between men and women within the same profession.

    So the relevant inquiries would be (1) what is the difference in wages between men and women in the same profession - ideally taking into account qualifications as well; and (2) what is the reason that certain professions end up being male or female dominated?  The answers to these questions are necessary to examine the extent of gender discrimination with respect to wages and employment.  Unfortunately, the chart provides nothing useful in this respect.

    •  I don't think so (4.00)
      The point is: What is it about work that is predominantly done by women that makes it less valued? Is it the work itself, or the fact that it's done by women?

      We already know that women earn about .70 cents on the dollar as compared to men - in any profession.

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