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View Diary: Pyongyang Is A Triple Threat, But Beware Seoul (7 comments)

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  •  The US's true fuck up is..... (0+ / 0-)

    ... not having developed the technologies required to neutralize NK's artillery, which is the #1 immediate threat to the South.

    NK's 11,000+ artillery pieces can deliver 3 MILLION rounds per hour to the South. Imagine if your city were subject to that kind of bombardment.

    We need(ed) to develop anti-artillery missile systems that could track the first shell fired back to it's exact firing point, and deliver a missile to that point +/- 6 ft within seconds of firing.

    Our second fuckup was ending nuclear weapons research, and not pursuing a magnetic collapse trigger for fusion warheads.... eliminating the atomic triggers and the vast bulk of fallout from our weapons. If we had 200-300 fusion warheads without fission triggers, we could "safely" annihilate NK without threatening nuclear disaster falling on the heads of our allies in SK and Japan.... and Hawaii/California.

    Oh well, pass out the iodine tablets and duck.

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