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View Diary: Which part of “Well-Regulated” is ambiguous or hard to understand? (31 comments)

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  •  And now I see the (4+ / 0-)

    "regurgitated" bit. Well, I was clearly off in my own head. Pardon my jumping into the thread.

    •  Haha! No, thanks for adding real ... (3+ / 0-)

      ... and interesting commentary to the discussion!

      In response to your comment, I can see where that would be one reason for representatives of Southern States to include it in the Bill of Rights. My impression of the times was that militias grew out of people getting together to fight wars, with the big one at the time being the Revolutionary War. So, the group of volunteers from such and such a town or state was a "militia." Quoting here from Wikipedia--as dangerous as that is--for this proposition:  "The Continental Army was supplemented by local militias and other troops that remained under control of the individual states."

      If you were to look for "militias" nowadays, what you'd come up with are local police units and things like the South Carolina National Guard, not Ted Nugent and Ted Nugent's next-door neighbor. (Of course, there are also the White Supremacist militias and such.)  

      This is kind of a digression from jamess' excellent diary, but it makes a similar point. Every word counts.

      I would tip you, but the man took away my tips.

      by Tortmaster on Thu Apr 11, 2013 at 10:22:05 PM PDT

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