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View Diary: Remind Me: Which President Tried to Appoint Elizabeth Warren to Regulate the Banks? (95 comments)

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    Rick Aucoin

    i might not really agree with your diary, although i don't get into the name-calling debate too much, but really, refuting that assertion by accumbens was just too easy.
    I am disappointed that Obama offered up SS and Medicare as a bargaining chip to the R'turds, but i don't know enough about the rest of the proposal to have a very strong opinion on it.  I would think that a much better bargaining style would be to come out with the ideal finished product as your first offer and then let the negotiating begin.  I am, however, not a 2x elected President of the US, nor am i elected to any position, so perhaps my perspective on bargaining isn't all that interesting.
    Selecting Warren to start up the CFPB was a brilliant move, but not even trying to get her nominated as its first director seemed pretty weak.  I'm glad she's in the Senate and on the banking committee, which probably wouldn't have happened w/o the Prez selecting her to run the CFPB to start with.
    The idea that Obama is an evil corporatist is absurd, as is the assertion that he is fighting hard for the progressive agenda.  He's a centrist trying to navigate his way through the most partisan Washington, DC that has existed in a long time (maybe ever).

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