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    ...the reference to early Democratic initiatives is appreciated, I didn't know some of those.

    I would not be surprised if the only 'political brownie points' Rand Paul scores is with his own base of cultists who are all to eager to see him take up the mantle of 'Darling of American Libertarianism' from daddy Ron Paul.  

    I am confused by the political calculation by Republicans on this sort of approach as a whole.  The 'Republicans-in-the-past-have-done-great-things-for-you-minorities' type pitch.  

    Since I am a pessimist at heart, I suspect this is nothing more than an attempt to gain some votes on the cheap.  By attempting to foster some form of new identification with the party, they are trying to avoid any meaningful changes to their existing agenda and policy positions - positions which are the true source of their rejection by minority voters.

    In a strange way we should feel lucky.  

    There was a time when society was extremely vulnerable to the shallow seductions of a politician.  Don't get me wrong, all too often voters default to the crutch of tribalism and are seduced by the lame cultural references, but the environment which they do so is not the same.  Political loyalties were almost exclusively influenced by the local culture and out of ignorance.  Ignorance in the sense that there was no readily available record of what the politicians supported and have accomplished.  Shallow displays of celebrating easily identifiable cultural symbols won a crowd's favor on the cheap, the identification-trap was set.  

    Often times the identification trap relied on the alienation of certain groups.  We are those groups. While it brought us discrimination and unnecessary suffering it also gave us room to assess positions on issues free from the identification-trap that all too often determines one's position on an issue.  The identification-trap compels your support for something without having to honestly assess it on its own merits.  This is something we should all be on guard for as the society changes.

    Now technology and information has given us better tools to judge policy and politician.  

    The distance from the larger society has given us a better picture of the society as well.  It freed us from the desire to validate that which we belong to.  I value that.

    "Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted."-Martin Luther King Jr

    by Riyaz Guerra on Sat Apr 13, 2013 at 11:12:36 AM PDT

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