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View Diary: Dawn Chorus: Spring Pilgrimage (68 comments)

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  •  What a timely subject (5+ / 0-)

    And loved all the pics to go along with it.
    I did one of those treks up a back road today too, going after a Coastal Sage Sparrow. It was a 6 mile, 4.5 hour round trip up Coal Canyon in Chino Hills State park. Of course with a lot of stops along the way to (breathe and drink water, and ) pish for California Gnatcatchers, Black-chinned Sparrow, and lots of others. We did manage our Sage Sparrow too!

    Some other shots if you are interested.

    •  We looked for sage sparrows yesterday, but never (4+ / 0-)

      found them.  Did hear them in a couple of places, but on canyon sides on the other side of the creek, in the thick of the sage.  Might as well have been invisible, so it's nice to get a visual via your photo.

      Some nice pix in your flickr set.  If you ever want to write a Dawn Chorus, let me know.  Would be fun to get more about SoCal birds into the mix.

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