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    I'm a strong supporter of a much more robust minimum wage. It hasn't kept pace with inflation and it was never close to the living wage, which should really be it's target.

    And, if you've seen what I've written over the years, I think we should have an international minimum wage, too.

    I'd also like to see the special exception dropped for food workers (and farm workers) and put everyone on the same playing field. For that matter, I think the first $10K of tips ought to be tax-free, because tips are supposed to be gratuities. If I give someone in my family $10K they get a tax exemption because it's a gift. The same should apply to food workers, taxi drivers, and everyone else getting tips. Besides, it simplifies the tax code. What's not to like?

    However, all that is out of our immediate control. It requires an act of Congress. These days, that's a bit like asking for an act of God. Looking for higher-paying work is strictly within our control. We need no one's permission to do it, and we can do it as a group (because of the Internet word spreads easily).

    Please make the commitment to do the research in May. Pass the word on to your friends. Make May First the day we declare fiscal independence from the financial overlords. If we succeed they will have respect for a new act: an act of Man.

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      I'm unemployed right now.  I took a couple of weeks off from looking for work while I took care of some personal business and taxes, but barring a miracle, I will almost certainly be looking for work throughout May.  Last year I took May Day off in solidarity with the International (and in protest against actions by management at my recently-merged workplace).  So, I'm getting around!

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