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View Diary: Tone-deaf DCCC and DGA implicitly back the president's Social Security cuts (184 comments)

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  •  Axlerod tried those exact talking points (10+ / 0-)

    on the Rachel Maddow show Wed. 4-10.

    1. It's a choice between Ryan's Plan or Obama's Budget
    2. Trying to change the subject by referring to the Pre-K allocation
    3. Conflating Social Security with Medicare to muddy the waters
    4. Lying by saying those that oppose Obama's Budget "don't want to do anything about Social Security"
    5. Trying to muddy the waters by saying that the SS cuts were really just a small part of the "big picture"
    6. Claiming that other portions of the budgets will provide cover for the cuts doled out in Social Security

    Thankfully she shredded him as he tried to weasel his way around.

    •  I'm a Boomer & I love radical change - even to SS! (6+ / 0-)

      I have no problem with transformational reform, fundamental change to strengthen vital programs like retirement and health insurance and make them sustainable into the next century, tweaking as required.

      That's not what's on the table.

      Likewise, Axelrod et al are transparently vacuous when then attempt to play the "unwilling to sacrifice" card. The 99% of Americans have always been ready, willing, and able to sacrifice - with lives, limbs, and livelihoods - when needed and a case made to the public.

      No case has been made to the public to merit sacrifice. No case has been made to the public at all, in fact.

      They can't pass a Dem agenda, betray their own stated values, miss the mark, and try to blame the public? Riiight.

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