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View Diary: Tone-deaf DCCC and DGA implicitly back the president's Social Security cuts (184 comments)

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  •  The left should do to the Democratic Party (3+ / 0-)
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    what the Tea Party did to the Republicans.  Now the Tea Party wing calls the shots.  But they are batshit nuts, not to mention downright dangerous.  Carnival Cruz, Rand Paul and Louie Gohmert come to mind.   The tea party is/was funded by the likes of Dick Armey's pac and the Koch Brothers.  Along with a little help from Faux "News."  

    As far as I know the left does not have powerful sugar daddy donors.  Nor do we have a solid left wing TV propaganda machine.  A handful of liberal hosts on MSNBC hardly cuts it.

    A couple of nights ago I caught a snippet of Chris Matthews.  I forget who his guest was but Chris showed a clip of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and others protesting the chained CPI cut.  Matthews said Obama really needed for the "nuts" on the left to show up.  According to Tweety the nuts were making Obama look reasonable and tough.  See, he has to contend with his nuts just like the Republicans do.

    I turned off the TV.  

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