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View Diary: What's the matter with "The Google Bus?" (130 comments)

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  •  The tech bus service is not (1+ / 0-)
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    door-to-door.  In fact, it is extremely inconvenient for the cheaper parts of the city, like the Outer Sunset.

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      I should have qualified the door-to-door claim to the eastern part of the city, or at least The Mission, where there are many stops. Which raises the question, if employees who live in the Outer Sunset can deal with the inconvenience of just a few drop-offs, why can't employees in the eastern part of the city? The answer to that, I guess would be that Outer Sunset residents have higher driving rates and thus the solution is to add new drop off spots there rather than reducing them in The Mission. And according to the reps at the panel, that's exactly what they're planning: more buses with more stops in more neighborhoods.

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