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  •  The issue isn't the speed of the train (0+ / 0-)

    It's that the more transfers you have to make in a commute, the less desirable it is.  For a hipster in the Mission, that would mean at least one bus ride to the train station, or a BART ride to Millbrae, switching to CalTrain.  Then the train to Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale... and, if your company sprang for it, a shuttle ride from the train station to the company itself, and don't forget most of these big companies have multiple buildings and not all of them are on the "main campus" either.

    The buses solve the problem by going from a collection point (and they pick those points based on where a critical mass of employees live) direct to the firms' office(s).  No transferring required unless you don't live near a collection point.  There's wifi onboard, and air-conditioning, and lots of other twentysomethings to network or flirt with.  What's not to love if you're working for one of those companies?

    But if Google and Facebook and Yahoo and LinkedIn and Apple and Netflix and Intel and ten other companies are all running luxury buses down little neighborhood city streets... there might be a problem for everyone else.

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