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  •  IMHO the Good Samaritan isn't overrated (1+ / 0-)
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    as a parable with a strong message.
    Although the Samaritans' religious beliefs and practices were closely related to those of the Jews of Jesus' time, they were treated with great contempt because of their differences--almost like untouchables.
    The despised Samaritan--who, according to popular majority religious opionion was almost unclean--was the only person decent enough to take care of the beaten, half-dead traveller without giving it a second thought.
    And that despite the fact that he might have gotten into trouble for interacting with a Jew.
    Quite a number of stories in the Christian testament involve Jesus' own willingness to engage with Samaritans as human beings, not despised outcasts.
    So the parable has definite implications for how Christians are expected to treat those who are considered outcasts or, perhaps more to the point--outside of the norm.

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