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View Diary: "Gays Are Going to Make Christians Wear Badges Just Like the Jews Did under the Nazis." (99 comments)

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    His problem is not that he doesn't have enough faith to let go of his fears.

    His problem is that he has too MUCH faith to let go of his fears.

    An evidence-based world scares the shit of of people who've lived their whole lives under the premise that wanting something to be true is sufficient to make it true.  They don't want to live in a world in which they have to back up their claims with any sort of evidence.  It's a LOT easier to make up hatefully dishonest bullshit about a group like homosexuals if you think you live in a world where faith trumps evidence.  In such a world you are under no obligation to back up your claims so you're free to make up whatever you feel like.

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