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View Diary: "Gays Are Going to Make Christians Wear Badges Just Like the Jews Did under the Nazis." (99 comments)

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  •  Nonsense Words out of the Mouths of Fools (15+ / 0-)

    I will say this to Mr. Fischer, only this because my time on this earth is valuable (I am over sixty-five, a disabled Vietnam veteran who served honorably & my health is not great) ---

    You are a fucking fool.

    I was a SSGT in the USAF as a very young man.  I am gay and I had a full gay life as an Airman, even way back in the '60's.

    When I see a pic of a USAF SSGT standing next to Air Force One saluting President Obama, I get tears in my eyes and chills.  The memories are overwhelming.  I was stationed at NATO HDQT's in Belgium & MGuire AFB, NJ and Charleston AFB, SC - I worked with VIP's - the SACEUR, Generals, Commanders, a president, and on and on.

    The US will never allow Homofascists - the World will not allow Homofascists - Great Britain, France, Canada, all EU countries and hundreds of others will not allow Homofascists.

    It is all over for the racists & bigots, the homophobes and haters and sexists and misogynists and those who hold xenophobia in their hearts.

    It is over. Hallelujah!

    •  This nutcase took his cue from that asshole (0+ / 0-)

      Limbaugh.  Remember how he (Limbaugh) loved his term "Feminazis."?    The right is a manure pile.  I just wrote that because I looked up for a metaphor and the memory of my days as a child on the family farm and the maggot covered shitpile was blinking there in front of me - GOP * GOP * GOP!

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