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View Diary: Exxon lawyers get satirical, crowd-funded ad yanked from Little Rock television stations (46 comments)

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    It needs to get out. Still the phrase "Exxon hates your children" overwhelms it. Let the viewer draw that conclusion. Otherwise it feels as if viewers don't agree they're lumped in with child haters too. There needs to be room to think that Exxon plays dirty, shouldn't get government subsidies qne denies science without having to subscribe to the phrase "Exxon hates your children." Even if it's supposed to be satire. It's obviously not meant as a joke.

    •  It isn't a joke or satire - it is hate speech (0+ / 0-)

      The purpose of that ad is to make the viewer hate Exxon.  I don't see that there is one bit of ambiguity about that message being directly played.  And the message is that you're supposed to Exxon because of the totally emotional images you see in the add that have nothing at all to do with describing the allegation that Exxon hates your children.

      Whatever foundation financed the participation of OIl Change International and Environmental Action in creating the "Exxon Hates Your Children" campaign ought to immediately fire their environmental grants officer for financing this drek and garbage.....  

      You could alter the theme to "Obama Hates Your Children" or "Obama Will Takes Your Guns" and it might
      even play over at Red State.

      You're supposed to view that ad regarding the Exxon spokesman with hate, derision and disregard in the fine tradition and manner of 1984-"2 minute hate" style rant/rage.

      Anyone who thinks this advertising is a valid act of environmental advocacy, conservation stewardship and conservation science doesn't understand what those concepts are.

      The ad throws up a bunch of emotional and scary images having no association at all or connection to any kind of scientific claim verifying that "Exxon Hates Your Children"

      If you think bullshit like this is effective, then look forward to chronic losses whenever this kind of vitriolic attack becomes the operating norm of your advocacy campaign.

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