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View Diary: Remembering the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage debacle: What happens when you piss off seniors (189 comments)

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  •  Who they are willing to sacrifice more like (6+ / 0-)

    And American Dream?  Who are they kidding?  The American Dream is to starve and go without healthcare when you are old?  

    The whole premise of CCPI is that middle class seniors must be forced into steadily declining standards of living.  

    And have they never heard of the sandwich generation?  Who do they think is going to be caring for these old people?  The same people who will be caring for their grandchildren.  

    At least in my Boomer generation since there were a lot of us there were more siblings to help in the caregiving.  But who do they think is going to care for elderly Boomers if the government steals the money they paid for retirement security?  

    Which is the American Dream letting your old mother starve or moving her in with your teenager?

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