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View Diary: Remembering the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage debacle: What happens when you piss off seniors (189 comments)

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  •  Grey Pantheres are a farce today (0+ / 0-)

    About the only time I see "Grey Panthers" is when AT&T trots them out as one of the special-interest groups supposedly supporting their moves to deregulate their telephone obligations.  Deregulate meaning take away the rules that require AT&T (formerly called SBC Corp.; the original AT&T is gone) to cooperate with competitors or provide basic service at regulated rates.  Grey Panthers theoretically want AT&T to be allowed to charge everyone whatever they want, and refuse service wherever they want and to whoever they want to not serve.  

    Several other ethnically-based groups sign on to the same set of petitions.  LULAC, for instance, is a reliable supporter.  Oh, and these organizations all get funding from the SBC->AT&T Foundation.  

    Whores one and all.

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