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View Diary: Remembering the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage debacle: What happens when you piss off seniors (189 comments)

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    Chained CPI impacts today's 60-65 group a lot more than it impacts today's 70-80 group, since more of the latter frankly will be dying off before Chained CPI's major cuts kick in.  Plus a lot of the over-70s have private pensions, as they were in the workforce back when that was common.

    The real losers in Chained CPI are the under-65s who have little but Social Security to retire on.  They've exhausted their resources educating their kids and paying for health care, and probably don't have a big 401K.  Few private-sector employees today have defined-benefit pensions.

    So the older generation (over 70) responds to the social wedge issues, just as they did in the sixties when they were the "over 30s".  And the younger generation (boomers) thinks more about their own economic issues. Obama's giving a kick in the rear to the latter.

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