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  •  Marxism is essentially (0+ / 0-)

    an Industrial Age socioeconomic theory with large political implications/consequences.

    In many countries- perhaps first in 1860s-70s France- it was enlisted and transformed (usually under the label Communism), arguably bowdlerized, into primarily a rationale and political theory for opposing and destroying the Agrarian Age political order that existed and was almost obsolete.  E.g. the Czar and aristocracy in Russia, the residual monarchy and warlords in China, the late feudal-colonial regimes in Africa and South America and the rest of Asia.  The story of the USSR, for example, is largely about the disestablishing/material destruction of the aristocracy and fascists and dependent classes in Russia and the societies it occupied-e.g. clerics, the Ukrainian landholders, the Polish aristocracy in the massacres associated with Katyn, the remaining Hungarian ones in 1945-56, etc.  The Cultural Revolution in China, also.

    The method wasn't capable of actually completing the task, of making a feudal order truly unnecessary, of course.  Only liberal democratization does that, and slowly- requiring the die out of multiple authoritarian generations and their replacement with generations of more responsible, more mature citizens.

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