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  •  A promise was made (1+ / 0-)
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    >Up to 200,000 homeowners still trying to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy will get a little bit of a helping hand from the government.

    My home town of Iowa and the midwest had disaster floods in 2008 , they were right up there with Hurricane Sandy , if not worse

    Obama came here and said this is where government should work for the people .....The fed , along with many others , helped a lot here for sure since then  

    Now obama has cut funding to fulfill the promise from his budget , my point here , if the obama wall st team tried to cut funding for Sandy NOW ? It would show who and what they represent , but since Iowa is all far away from the DC elite , well we can step on their necks now

     I am beyond disgusted with the dem party , unless we as dems come together and stand up to this back stabbing

    Iowa Congressman Loebsack 4/2/13

    “A promise was made to the people of Iowa to help them recover. While we must deal with the fiscal situation facing our nation, we cannot do it at the expense of those who were hurt by the floods and where promises were made,” he said

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