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View Diary: What kind of Future do you foresee on the Horizon? (123 comments)

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  •  feudalism (5+ / 0-)

    wasn't that bad.

    Everyone had a good job, plenty to eat,

    and a bright future to hand their kids.


    Yeah Right!

    And the serfs never scraped and scrounged
    to find a way to make it to America, either!

    lol, isn't it ironic.

    •  Actually (0+ / 0-)

      feudalism WASN'T that bad.  Comparatively.  The economy sucked, and most of everybody had to do hard physical labor in order to eat.  But . . . the man worked four days a week to pay both the taxes and the rent, two days on the house and his own crops, and had one day to laze around and blow bubbles.  Women didn't have to work on the rent/tax portion, so all of their work went towards the house and kids.  There was a holiday every two weeks or so.  Medicine and education were pretty rudimentary, but what there was, was available to everyone for free.  Villages were small, everyone knew and was related to just about everyone, and you walked to work.  You didn't have to go to work when it rained, OTOH you COULDN'T get the damned work that you needed to get done if it rained either.

      And yes, job security.  You couldn't be fired, and if your lord was either an abbott or a minor knight (most common), he didn't even dare to punish you very severely when he got pissed, because manpower was scarce and he needed his workers.  Without them, he couldn't get in the crops and pay his taxes.

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