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  •  The Girl... books (9+ / 0-)

    Dragon Tattoo; Played with Fire; Hornets Nest. Those delved into some spicy family history.

    Right now, I'm learning more about some real drama in my own family. Growing up, my Dad often mentioned the big "Feud" between his mother and her sister Katie. More recently he told me that his Aunt Katie was an awful woman who hated my Grandfather. According to Dad (who says his mother told him), Katie handed a gun to each of her two oldest sons one day and told them "If Mr. H... ever steps foot on this farm again, shoot him!".

    I've been wondering if there was more to the story. Did Grandpa do something to deserve this? What's Aunt Katie's side to the story?

    Well, thanks to DNA testing, I found Aunt Katie's great-grandson who put me in touch with his mom. I asked her if she knew anything about it and was VERY careful in the way I asked. I didn't want to sound like I was accusing her grandmother of being a rotten person and offend her. This was her response:

    My Grandma was a horrible, awful, mean spirited, bitter and hateful woman. If she and your Grandma had a falling out, believe me, Katie was at fault and your family was much better off for having her out of their lives for good.
    Ha! We have corresponded quite a bit since then and I've heard several more stories. My Grandma's sister was a piece of work! From what I've learned, it sounds like if there was something that triggered her to order her kids to shoot my Grandfather it was probably something benign like leaving the toilet seat up.

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