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View Diary: Did Gerrymandering Cost Dems the House? A 34-State Look at Alternative Nonpartisan Maps Suggests Yes (161 comments)

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    on my last few diaries and I certainly agree this map is much better than those. Anyway, Kucinich wouldn't have lost, you're right and I have it as Likely D in the chart, but if he did manage to win the primary he'd have run far behind Obama. As for OH-14 it's really a new district as it's clearly Tim Ryan's and not LaTourette's as I really don't see any other logical way to draw it because Akron can clearly anchor its own district and rightly should do so. The Youngstown area (not sure what that region is called) can clearly anchor its own district too, which when you put those two criteria together causes it to merge with Geauga County and the rest of the northeast corner of the state.

    This was definitely one of my favorite maps out of the set of a whopping 33 so I'm definitely glad you liked it as a native Ohioan. I'm really hoping we can pick off the 14th in 2014 or 2016 though and it's a real shame Blanchard didn't step aside as he was truly unelectable but he clearly didn't care.

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