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View Diary: KY-Sen: Bruce Lunsford (D) Recalls Being Secretly Recorded By McConnell's (R) Campaign Team In 2008 (18 comments)

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  •  READ THE LAW. There's no problem as long as (2+ / 0-)
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    (1) they don't use government property, and instead use campaign property; and (2) they do it on their own time, not while they are billing the federal government for their time.  

    This was (1) at McConnell's campaign office; (2) on a Saturday.  

    See this from the Senate website:

    Subject to the restriction on handling federal campaign funds (see link below on “Political Fund Designees”), Senate employees are free to engage in campaign activity, as volunteers or for pay, provided they do so on their own time, outside of Senate space, and without using Senate resources.  Staff may not be required to do campaign work as a condition of Senate employment.  Because Senate pay should be commensurate with Senate duties performed, when an employee intends to spend additional time on campaign activities beyond regular working hours and any accrued annual leave, a Senator should either reduce the salary of or remove the employee from the Senate payroll, as appropriate.  Staff must work at least one full day a week in the Senate office to continue to receive Senate pay and benefits.  Members and staff are encouraged to contact the Committee regarding specific proposed official/campaign work arrangements.

    Anyone earning a Senate rate of pay in excess of $119,554 (CY 2013) may not earn more than $26,955 (CY 2013) from all combined outside sources, including campaign work.

    Please explain how Senate employees who were engaging in a meeting on their own time (this was on a Saturday -- they can even work during the week if they are not taking Senate pay for those hours) not at a Senate office (but at a campaign headquarters) and without using Senate resources (like Senate office computers) violates that rule.

    This kind of thing is exactly what the rule permits.   And it's pretty much what every Senator -- Democrats included -- does.  

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