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  •  The vast majority of people who are part of (8+ / 0-)

    off-site groups are not part of groups dedicated primarily to trying to get people banned.  They're dedicated to promoting content with which they agree, which isn't anything particularly nefarious in and of itself.

    That includes most the "Obamabot" facebook groups I've joined under various handles.

    The worst of these groups have either been supposedly a-political, or have been entirely single issue groups.  For some, The President is a single issue.

    dEar Ellois: U send Fud down holez, we no eaTz u. That iz deAl. No forget. MooRlockz Haz 2 eats. Stoopid Elloiz.

    by JesseCW on Sun Apr 14, 2013 at 08:59:05 AM PDT

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    •  You've joined Obamabot FB groups under an assumed (0+ / 0-)

      name?  That's funny.

    •  I just don't get it (0+ / 0-)

      It becomes so petty.  

      One thing I'm pretty certain about, Docudharma is not being used as a place to organize people.  It would need more people for that to be the case.


      by otto on Sun Apr 14, 2013 at 09:41:43 AM PDT

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      •  OFA is for organizing people (3+ / 0-)
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        ek hornbeck, jarbyus, blueoasis

        is dkos? and if so to what purpose? Is it just the online arm of the party propaganda machine like OFA?  Electing better Dems? If that's the case then it leaves much room for divergent opinions about both what makes a better Dem or even just a Democrat and what is the best way to move the party to win and yet remain democratic. DD was not ever really an electoral blog and organizing for victories for compromise was never what it was about. Neither is digby or firedoglake they are liberal blogs issue oriented but not inside the D party machine.      

        •  OFA (0+ / 0-)

          I know almost nothing about it, other than the fact that some users seem to like to use it as a punching bag, and seem to obsess on it like it is some sort of conspiracy that a party would try to sell the party line through an organizing arm.

          I mean, sha!  Who could imagine!?


          by otto on Sun Apr 14, 2013 at 01:20:23 PM PDT

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          •  OFA has a new (2+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:
            ek hornbeck, 3goldens

            reincarnation it is now a non partisan issue org. I just love the smell of astroturf so natural and refreshing. I'm not a big fan of Politico but here it is from the horses mouth

            New Obama group Organizing for Action says it’s non-partisan

            “Neither OFA nor its chapters will be involved in any way in elections or partisan political activity,” OFA wrote. “Its exclusive purpose is public policy advocacy and development, and in particular, both enactment of President Obama’s legislative agenda and the identification and advancement of other goals for progressive change at the state and local level".....

            Obama’s aides don’t deny the inherently political nature of their new group, which has been billed as the successor to Obama’s vaunted campaign apparatus and it’s being run by former White House and campaign officials.

            Organizing for Action — like the Karl Rove-conceived Crossroads GPS and the Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity — is registered as a non-profit under section 501(c)4 of the tax code. Such groups are able to accept unlimited and secret donations from corporations, lobbyists and political action committees – cash streams that Obama attacked bitterly when GOP-allied groups tapped them.

            Just because the Democratic party machine, all run and owned by DLC'ers and the New Democrat's (The Third Way) is trying to pass off this administrations anti-democratic policy and agenda as the non partisan inevitable line forward doesn't mean that people who are Democrat's necessarily believe that what OFA is selling is either Democratic or democratic. The talking points the new and non partisan OFA issues just piss me off and I'm a Democrat. No CT involved just not a 'line' I buy.

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